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Brooklyn Prospect Charter High School News and Announcements

May 18 2016

Windsor Terrace PTSO A Place to Sit Campaign


Brooklyn Prospect Students, Faculty, Staff, Families and Community need a “Place to Sit.”  

Our PTSO has put together a plan to create a garden with benches where students can eat, learn & enjoy.  Brooklyn Prospect parents & landscape architect duo, Amy Crews  & Todd Rader (Jack Rader '17 & Gus Rader '20) have sketched plans to transform our dreams into reality.  To learn more about Phase 1 and to view the full plan please see below!

We need your help to successfully implement PHASE 1 this summer or as soon as possible. We estimate we need approximately $15,000 to complete Phase 1.  Time is tight, we have until July 1, 2016, the end of the BPCS fiscal year, to complete the fundraising for this first phase. 

You can help us give all of our community a beautiful place to sit by donating now.  Every donation large or small will help us get closer to reaching our goal!  Spread the word toneighbors, extended family, and friends of Brooklyn Prospect.  Together we can achieve our goal!

If you are interested in sponsoring or helping us complete this project, please contact us at  Thank you in advance for your generosity, we appreciate your commitment to your students and to Brooklyn Prospect!

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April 18 2016

Brooklyn Prospect was recently featured in - a nonprofit, nonpartisan news site covering education in America. 


Brooklyn Prospect is part of a small group of charter schools now explicitly focusing on integration. The school, which serves grades K–12 at two Brooklyn campuses, one in Windsor Terrace, the other downtown, was founded in 2009 by Daniel Rubenstein. Brooklyn Prospect ensures an integrated setting via a weighted lottery: about one third of its students are economically disadvantaged and no racial group makes up a majority.

Visiting the school a few months ago, I was greeted by two seventh-grade students who described a strong, happy school community replete with great teachers, extracurriculars such as a filmmaking club, and classes like Mandarin Chinese.

Walking the hallways, I could see what they meant by “community:” Students of all different races could be seen working side-by-side or collaboratively in class. During that day’s lunch, students were randomly assigned seats in the cafeteria in order to foster bonding with peers with whom they might not typically interact. 

Click here to read the full article.


February 9 2016

Join us! This year we are celebrating yet another milestone - our first high school graduating class. Don't miss it - get your tickets today!