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College Counseling

The College Counseling Philosophy at BPCS

The college counseling program at BPCS takes advantage of our small size in order to provide individualized counseling for each student. Through 1:1 family meetings, college prep presentations, and family workshops, students and parents are actively and intrinsically involved in the college admissions process.

At BPCS, we seek to ensure that each student pursuing a post-secondary education is able to do so at a college or university that is best suited to his or her unique goals. Our college counseling program is designed to introduce the admissions process to students as early as 9th grade, with additional critical elements being incorporated over time. By 12th grade, each student is then fully equipped with all the necessary tools to submit a competitive entrance application to a range of colleges and universities that are academically, financially, and socially considered a good 'fit' by the student, the family, and the college counselor.

9th Grade

In the first year of high school, students continue to engage with the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Program. As students look towards the upperclassmen years, they may meet with our school guidance counselor to plan a course track that best prepares them for success in high school and beyond. Meanwhile, special advisory courses build the study habits and analytical skills needed for students to be highly successful in high school and prepared for college. 

10th Grade

By the spring semester of the second year of high school, students and families attend 1:1 meetings with the college counselor to begin charting an individualized college application plan. Starting with an intro workshop to the college process at BPCS in the winter of the 10th grade, parents have the opportunity to take part in a series of workshops throughout the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade years. These presentations cover topics ranging from identifying best fit colleges to the completion of financial aid forms.

Through advisory class, students acclimate to all elements of the college application and learn how best to navigate the Common Application. They be introduced to the online college planning software, Naviance, in the spring of the 10th grade year, so they may launch their college searches and explore the wealth of options available. Students can also sign up for campus visits and college tours, arranged by the school's college counseling department.

11th Grade

During this critical year, students continue to meet with the college counselor and work on crafting their potential application list. 11th grade students increase their knowledge base by attending talks held at the school featuring college admissions officers, touring college campuses on their own, and attending school-organized campus visits in the spring.

Using Naviance college planning software, 11th grade students also begin to explore their interests as they brainstorm possible majors and/or career paths. To best prepare students to pursue these options, students discuss college and other post-secondary options in their advisory course. In addition to the work being done to prepare in advisory, an after school SAT prep course is offered through the winter and spring.

12th Grade

12th grade students meet again with the college counselor to finalize application lists in the fall. Then, with the assistance of his or her advisor, each senior takes time during advisory class to complete college applications, plan college and university visits, and search/apply to various scholarship opportunities.

To ensure that each student graduates with an exciting and affordable post-secondary path ahead of him/her, students and families may take part in financial aid workshops to complete and submit all financial aid paperwork.

For Admissions Representatives

Brooklyn Prospect hosts admissions visitors throughout the fall and spring semesters. All representatives interested in scheduling a visit to BPCS should contact College Counselor, Colin Kuusisto at

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