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#PathtoPossible March in Prospect Park

2016 Charter School Advocacy Day, feat. Dawson Desire '16 from Brooklyn Prospect on Vimeo.

An estimated 25,000 parents, students, educators, and city leaders came together in Prospect Park on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 to support NYC's charter schools. Brooklyn Prospect's own Dawson Desire '17, gave a special speech to the crowd to explain why he and his family rallied in support of ensuring a great school for every student who needs one. 

Read on for the full transcript and photos:

Good morning!

My name is Dawson Desire and I’m a senior at Brooklyn Prospect High School. Brooklyn Prospect is my Path to Possible! 

But that doesn’t mean it’s always been easy. I wake up every morning at 5am to get from Queens Village to Brooklyn Prospect. It takes me two hours to get to school. Sometimes I don’t get home until eight, and even then I have to do 3 or 4 hours of homework. I do all of this because I know what it means to go to a great school. And I know what it means to go to a school that lets you down.

Before I went to Brooklyn Prospect, I was stuck in a school that barely taught me how to read. I felt lost. I knew I needed something better. So my parents entered my name in the lottery for Brooklyn Prospect - and we were lucky enough to get in.  At Brooklyn Prospect, I’ve found a home. My teachers helped me get an internship last summer, so I could pursue my dream of becoming an architect.

The teachers at Brooklyn Prospect are with us every step of the way. When they look at us, they don’t just see who we are today - they see the future architects, doctors, and leaders that we will become. Every student in New York deserves to go to that kind of great public school. That’s why we want 200,000 students in charter schools, and we want to get there by 2020.

I want to speak directly to my fellow students here today. Because this is OUR fight too. We need to stand UP and speak OUT until all of our friends and neighbors can get into the school they deserve!

Let’s put every student on the Path to Possible! Thank you.