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A School Grows in Brooklyn: October 2016 Newsletter

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A School Grows in Brooklyn: October 2016 Newsletter
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In this issue:

  1. New Clinton Hill Middle School
  2. Alumni Spotlight: Naomi Augustin
  3. #PathtoPossible March in Prospect Park
  4. NYU Teaching Residency Partnership
  5. Join Our Team!
  6. Support Us

New Clinton Hill Middle School

Clinton Hill Middle.

Serving Community School District 13, we opened Clinton Hill Middle this past September to our new 6th grade families in the heart of Brooklyn. Our new school is modeled after our Windsor Terrace program and is led by Brooklyn Prospect veterans from that campus: Jackie DeLuca and Kim Raccio. 

Executive Director Dan Rubenstein, awardee of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics, is back in the classroom!

Clinton Hill Middle's temporary home base is located at 300 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn. We are so delighted to be located in Clinton Hill's wonderful local neighborhood while our new, permanent facility is under construction at 1100 Fulton Street just down the road. We expect to relocate to our permanent campus there in 2018. 


Alumni Spotlight: Naomi Augustin, '16

"I believe that the greatest benefit of being a Brooklyn Prospect is your ability to care for one another and the community around us", says Naomi Augustin, a 2016 Brooklyn Prospect graduate and current freshman at Clark University. "After my first week of classes, I am very surprised as to how similar or less difficult college work is compared to the IB [International Baccalaureate]."

Over the summer we reached out to some of our college-bound graduates to get their take on BPCS after having started their first week of school. Read all about Naomi's experience in this issue of Brooklyn Prospect's newsletter: 

Q: What was your biggest fear before attending BrooklynProspect? 
Naomi: When I began Brooklyn Prospect, my biggest fear was making new friends and joining a new community I knew nothing about. I remember the first day of classes in 6th grade when I walked into the auditorium. I was surprised to see not only people of my color but also young and energetic teachers. It did not take to long to create friendships with my peers that have lasted to this day.

Q: What was your favorite part of being a Brooklyn Prospect student?
Naomi: My favorite part about having been a Brooklyn Prospect student is now bragging about how diverse it is. The IB, though challenging at times, has also really prepared me for college. After my first week of classes, I am very surprised at how similar and so far less difficult college work is compared to the IB diploma program. 

I believe that the greatest benefit of being a Brooklyn Prospector is your ability to care for one another and the community around us. I believe that without the help of my peers and the extra time my teachers take out to ensure that we understand the material, I would not be where I am today. 

Q: If you were to recommend us to your best friend, what would you say?
Naomi: I would say that if you want to conform to society's expectation of you academically, then maybe BPCS isn’t the right fit for you. However, if you are hoping to excel in school and want a bright future with a diverse community supporting you all the way, then, BPCS is the perfect fit for you. After hearing the experience of my college peers that attended various different schools, I am eternally grateful for being part of the BPCS community. I believe that even though if you are new to BPCS, sooner or later, you will be a Brooklyn Prospector.


 #PathtoPossible March in Prospect Park

An estimated 25,000 parents, students, educators, and city leaders came together in Prospect Park on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 to support NYC's charter schools. Brooklyn Prospect's own Dawson Desire '17, gave a special speech to the crowd to explain why he and his family rallied in support of ensuring a great school for every student who needs one. Read the full transcript here.


A New Teaching Residency Partnership

Teach with us! Brooklyn Prospect is partnering with New York University's Steinhardt School to launch the Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching (EMAT) degree.

This 13-month, full-time, embedded teacher residency program will bring NYU EMAT students to our campus for a full time residency while taking online course instruction that prepares teachers to be effective with all learners.  Successful candidates will be eligible for teaching certification in New York State. Link here to find out more.


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Brooklyn Prospect is a high-achieving and non-selective, K-12 International Baccalaureate public school in NYC. We provide a superb education to a diverse student body. Link here to read about exciting opportunities at BPCS here.

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