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Student Life - Clinton Hill Middle School

What is it like to be a BPCS student?

You’ll find more than a 13-year, grades K-12 world-class education at Brooklyn Prospect. The same energy and excitement we have for student learning also drives the rich student culture on campus.

For middle school students, advisory class combines curriculum with activities, discussions, and reflections to help students develop open minds, persistence in learning, caring attitudes, and the ability to reflect and think critically about themselves and their world. Students meet regularly to hone interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, improve personal and academic organization, and explore possible career opportunities. Our advisory curriculum is geared to help students succeed as individual members of the global community.

As they mature, Brooklyn Prospect students are also expected to lead themselves in developing their full potential in arts, sports, and other domains. Each campus provides ample opportunity for students to pursue interests beyond traditional academic subjects, both inside and outside of the classroom.  At the Windsor Terrace middle and high school campus, students can participate in or take leadership roles in over a dozen extracurricular clubs and athletic teams across all subject matters.  

Thanks to talented teachers and students, BPCS is home to a creative and vibrant arts environment. Whether searching for an opportunity for self-expression, exploring a potential future career, or simply gaining a new skill, Brooklyn Prospect students are encouraged to find their creative voice. The curriculum-based fine arts courses offerings include dance, music, drama, and visual arts.

Vital to BPCS students becoming true global citizens, our wonderfully diverse community is a rich training ground for understanding others.  Community service helps reinforce in and empower Brooklyn Prospect students with an understanding of the importance of safeguarding their environment and the world in which they are growing.

Our community attracts students from many different backgrounds. We are proud of what our students learn from each other.

Who We Are from Brooklyn Prospect on Vimeo.


Student life flourishes in a safe-zone in which hard work, open-mindedness, a passion for learning, and the importance of service to others, are all fostered.


Brooklyn Prospect - 8th Grade "I Am" poems from Brooklyn Prospect on Vimeo.

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School students are global citizens.


Sample Schedule:

Core Subjects: English Language Arts, Math, Science, World Language, Arts, Physical Education/Health + weekly advisory classes